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Proving YouTube’s Power at Building Awareness & Sales for a Footwear Brand

A well-known footwear brand wanted to build awareness, consideration, and purchase intent for their key product lines, targeting fashion- and style-conscious millennials. As part of our broader media mandate, we introduced the plan of leveraging YouTube, with its robust targeting and strong reach & usage amongst millennials, but without the need to create cost-prohibitive TV spots or new video content.

Their Need

Historically, the brand had never bought or produced assets for broadcast TV, and focused on reaching the fashion consumer through targeted print and online strategies. As a multi-national company, video assets were being produced, primarily for social use and dependent organic reach. With the ability to leverage a select number of these, we set out to demonstrate YouTube as an important platform for driving their most critical marketing goals: brand awareness and purchase intent.

Our Approach

Through our channel planning process, we helped the brand transition to a number of new media channels to more effectively reach their fashion millennial. For YouTube, we set out not only to demonstrate that longer-format content (1-3 minute videos) could be effective, but combined with smart targeting and integration within a broader marketing ecosystem, would drive key business metrics. In addition to integrating sales tracking, we implemented a control vs. exposed brand studies to prove the impact of our YouTube tactics.

The Results

Leveraging our targeting and optimization strategies on YouTube’s powerful and engaging platform, skippable pre-roll ads lifted this well-recognized brand’s awareness and purchase intent by double digits amongst our millennial targets, demonstrating the value of YouTube as an excellent solution for driving brand consideration. Best of all, viewers of those videos could then be remarketed to, throughout our digital media ecosystem, and tracked to selected sales channels. Since implementing our new channel plans and investing in YouTube as an ongoing tactic, the brand has consistently reported increasing record-breaking sales & brand awareness metrics.

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