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Media Solutions, Proudly Independent

society, etc. was borne with a single-minded goal: to bring accountability and value back to media planning and buying. We were founded in 2013 by one of North America's digital pioneers, Mike Sharma, who has held senior leadership roles at media and digital agencies since 1995.


We believe that the traditional media agency model, almost exclusively now managed within holding companies, is fundamentally flawed: eroding the importance of strategic leadership and creative synergy, lacking technical insight and innovation, and built upon a business model which inherently favors the best interests of the agency, not the client.


For this reason, we are passionately and fiercely independent, helping both direct clients and independent agencies deliver true media innovation through our proprietary methods of strategic & channel planning, media buying and campaign optimization.

Our Values


Typically, media dollars represent the largest line item of a client's marketing budget. Media transparency is now table-stakes. We commit to ensuring the effectiveness of every media dollar.


Technology continues to transform media. Our passion is in using proprietary methods and innovative marketing technologies to ensure our clients can out-think, out-maneuver and out-perform their competitors.


Sadly, the old adage, "50% of my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which 50%" remains as true today as it was 100 years ago. We're different, ensuring campaign success aligns to critical business measures.

Our Clients

We work with some of North America’s most prestigious brands – via direct client relationships or through independent creative and full-service agencies. While we’re immensely proud of our client roster, you won’t find a list of the clients we work with. We do this in part because of confidentiality, but given the diverse breadth and depth of the industries we work within, we feel we can let our case studies speak for themselves (which may mention a client by name, only if linking to a public case study).

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