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Transforming Channel Planning & Marketing Impact for an Outdoor Apparel Brand

A leading global outdoor apparel brand sought new ways to make their Canadian media spend more efficient at driving brand awareness, consideration and sales for a broad range of seasonal product lines, amongst outdoor enthusiasts & active lifestyle audiences. Historically relying on speciality TV, print, and display advertising, they required new ways to drive measured impact across internal exec scorecards, retail partner sales, and direct-to-consumer channels.

Their Need

Having a strong view of the relative strength of their brand’s health but lacking a strong understanding of the media attribution, they sought a new, data-informed approach to channel, marketing and media planning. Crucially, the solution would also need to facilitate traffic & sales to retail partners’ e-commerce & brick-and-mortar locations, as well as through the brand’s own direct-to-consumer e-commerce sites.

Our Approach

Through a robust analysis of the target audience’s path-to-purchase, we developed an integrated media ecosystem, where all media worked in compliment to each other. Most importantly, in concert with a diverse set of retail partners and direct-to-consumer priorities, the new channel plan introduced new, significantly more cost-efficient media solutions in both traditional media as well as online. Unique technology innovations and media optimization strategies were introduced to help facilitate and maximize individual channel sales priorities. Key performance metrics – from brand measurement to sales attribution – were embedded into bought and owned media to help understand and visualize ROI.

The Results

Beyond significant improvements in the cost-efficiency, transparency and accountability of their media dollars, the new channel plan and media ecosystem exceeded measured channel sales targets, and fostered strong brand measurement gains. Most importantly, the brand has boasted record-breaking sales for the past two successive years since the program was introduced: with double-digit growth in Canada significantly outpacing their U.S. and European regional markets.

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